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The arts unify communities, strengthen the economy, improve academic performance, have social impact, improve individual well-being, drive tourism and revenue to local businesses, spark creativity and innovation, and improve mental health.

The Metropolitan, “The MET,” is a workforce-housing centered community in downtown Bradenton, created by a partnership between Pearl Homes, Barclay Group, and Framework Group. Awarded to The MET Team’s through a competitive bidding process in response to a request for proposals by the City of Bradenton’s Community Redevelopment Authority, The MET is part of the team’s vision to create a new urbanist, workforce community geared towards sustainable, modern living.

Platform is pleased to be a partner in this endeavor, along with Lakeland artist Gillian Fazio.

Email to learn more about corporate art installations.

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Platform provides the art. The public makes it possible. CLICK HERE to become part of the process.

Public art representing multiple perspectives and genres opens the community to new ideas, cultures, and appreciation. Platform Art provides forums for art experiences and supports the creation of public art. Select the MAP link for directions.

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