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tribute to linemen

Platform Art, Inc. created the Tribute to Linemen sculpture to recognize the utility industry and a linemen’s role as a first-responder. In collaboration with the Polk County School Board, this public art project provided an opportunity for student artists to work with a professional sculptor and display their completed art.

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Electric lineworkers are often the first of first-responders, especially in times of natural disaster, but their crucial role is rarely recognized. Public tributes are few and far between, making Lakeland’s sculpture distinctive. But it is all the more so because Tribute to Linemen exemplifies Platform Art’s commitment to offering student artists opportunities to work in the public realm. The piece was designed by three local high school students: Angel Mitchell, Gabby Thomas, and Maddie McDaniel. Their design was brought to life by artist Becky Ault and her fabrication studio. They assisted side-by-side with professional artists, seeing new techniques and materials, and, for the first time, foundry metalworking.


Along with partners Lakeland Electric, Polk County Schools, the City of Lakeland, and so many more, we unveiled the sculpture in 2018 and added a commemorative plaque the following year. Standing at over 12 feet tall and nearly as wide, Tribute to Linemen makes a statement both at a distance and up close. This sculpture, which was inspired by a local lineman who lost his life on the job, stands as an important, permanent recognition of the work of linemen, our reliance on their work, and their significant impact on our community.

utility workers union of america

Local 1-2, New York, NY  -  Local 101, Jackson MI  -  Local 103, Muskegon MI  -  ​Local 104, Saginaw MI  -  Local 105, Royal Oak MI  -  Local 106, Battle Creek MI  -  Local 107, Grand Rapids MI  -  Local 119, Flint/Howell MI  -  Local 123, Lansing MI Local 124, Ludington MI  -  Local 129, Alma MI  -  Local 144, Bay City MI  -  Local 150, Kalamazoo MI  -  Local 223, Dearborn MI  -  Local 253, Owosso MI  -  Local 254, Macomb MI  -  Local 257, Hastings MI  -  Local 258, Adrian MI  -  Local 261, Greenville MI  -  Local 270, Cleveland OH  -  Local 347, Traverse City MI Local 358, Marion MI  -  Local 388, Campbell MI  -  Local 564, Midland MI  -  Local 18007, Chicago IL  -  MI State Utility Workers Council, Charlotte MI

project sponsors


City of Lakeland

State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

Utility Workers Union of America Local 



Tourism & Development Council

Carol & Barney Barnett Fund

within the GiveWell Community Foundation


Tom & Sally Petcoff

Esmeralda ​Pisscatoula


Citizens Bank & Trust

Utility Workers Union of America Local 107

Utility Workers Union of America-Local 144

Utility Workers Union of America-Local 144

Utility Workers Union of America-Local 270

Utility Workers Union of America-Local 223

Utility Workers Union of America-Local 369

Gas Workers Union-Local 18007


Network for Good

Sue Bentley

Marc Moore Memorial



Victor Prebor

Nate Dunham

Victoria Lowe

Conni Shelnut

Don & Rita Selvage Family Fund

within theGivewell Community Foundation 

Kathy & Bruce Ables

Maurice Raymond

Christine & Jon Boring

Jean Bunch

Claire Orologas

Sheila & Carlton Phelps

Celeste & Thomas Deardorff

Mary Kay Langford

Nick & Coso Xuchitl

Stephanie Buck

Cynthia Haffey

Steve Martin

Kim Mortimer

Alaina Minear

Cappy & Phillip Walker

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