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Become a member here - and now - and then re-member every year, forever!

$100.00  |  Standard membership supporting the current calendar year with personal recognition on the Platform website


$50.00  |  Discounted for artists and members of EMERGE. 

All memberships are priced for individuals and include admission to the annual appreciation event hosted by CORE Wealth Advisors

the good company you will be joining!

Kathy & Bruce Abels

Laura Brunson Adams

Becky Ault

Ashley Bell Barnett

Donna & Terry Brigman

Terry Brogan

Sherry Bruce

Kim Brunson

Stevie Buck

Tim Campbell

Terry Coney

Helene Marie Conway

Mike & Marie Cunningham

Suzanne Ellsworth

Tony Guinn

Cynthia Haffey

Ginny Harris

Hunter Johnson

Windy Keene

Kathryn Koch

Mary Kay Langford

Lyonal Lindsey

Lolly & Bill Lippy

Victoria Lowe

Martha Lou Luce

Lynda & Tom Mack

Amelia Madden

Michael Maguire

Chuck McDanal

Patrick Mims

Paula Mims

Tom Mims

Debbie & David Misch

Linda Moffat

Ann & Steve Moore

Kathleen Munson

H. William Mutz

Nick Nicholas

Tony Palms

Sheila & Carlton Phelps

Trudy & Larry Rankin

Beatty & Maurice Raymond

Rita & Don Selvage

Conni Shelnut

Jaquae Smith

Clyde Sprot

Shelley Swenson

Kim & Marten Walters

Curt Wheeler

Amy Wiggins

Shawn Wilson

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