Michael Maguire

the “honor” sculpture project is a story too big for just one telling


the inspiration

Lt. William McGehee sought the meaning of honor when he was a high school senior, and found it in his own heart and soul. Click on the image to listen now. Select any entry and click on it for more information and associated video.
You can be part of it, for as little as ten dollars. Click here to make your investment in the sculpture project.

the idea

Public art creates places of memory. Places of memory are important for building the collective conscious of the city; they solidify identity.

the beginning

Artist Tom Monaco meets with Maria Vazquez, a senior at Lake Region High School, who won the Honor Sculpture competition. Tom and Maria begin the process of turning her paper model into a full-sized steel memorial to Veterans, Police, Firefighters, and Emergency Responders.

the project

The Polk County Veterans Council has partnered with Platform Art, and area youth, to initiate a public art installation in Veteran’s Memorial Park in Lakeland, scheduled for unveiling in May.

the plasma cutter

Tom Monaco uses plasma to cut through the steel plate creating the silhouettes of the “Honor” sculpture.

the park

The sculpture, aptly named “Honor,” is comprised of three steel panels which contain the silhouettes of those who serve, the spouses that support, and the children who wait for mom or dad to come home.

the news

The Ledger reported the story of Maria's sculpture project and WUSF's Bobbie O’Brien interviewed Maria at Tom Monaco’s studio in North Lakeland.

the city commission

Cynthia Haffey presents the project to the City Commission.

the unveiling

Platform Art presented the “Honor” sculpture to the citizens of Lakeland at a ceremony presided over by Lakeland’s Mayor Howard Wiggs.